Showcasing Unst skies through a sky-stop trail, events and exhibitions

Wild Skies Shetland is an Unst-based charity which aims to showcase the marvels and enormity of the skies, day and night, summer and winter.


The work on the permanent sky trail is underway and it is planned to open spring 2023.

In the meantime, Wild Skies has a number of exciting upcoming events.

The Sky Trail

We are in the process of developing a Sky Trail in Unst, which it is hoped will be ready to visit in spring 2023. It will have 12 inter-active Sky-stops, each in a notable island location focusing on different aspects of the skies, including links to history, dialect and science. Stay tuned to hear when the Sky Trail is complete!


Virtual Skies

Enjoy our Wild Skies no matter where you are in the world! This video showcases a series of dusk to dawn images/time-lapses from Unst, Shetland. Wonderfully accompanied by ‘Da Day Dawn’, a traditional Shetland tune.


Upcoming Events

There are currently no events.
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